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Portuguese Man O War vs Reef

Painting shows the battle of a Man of War against the reef it was washed up against. Multi-layered and textured to depict the rock, oyster shells, barnacles and spray of the waves. The symbolism of Man of War is quite amazing. Portuguese man o' war is not a jellyfish but a siphonophore, which, unlike jellyfish, is not actually a single multicellular organism, but a colonial organism made up of specialized individual animals called zooids or polyps. These amazing 'organizations' or 'companies' have individuals that work together and depend on one another for overall survival and success. Additionally, the sting of a man o' war kills its prey and is extremely painful to humans. A formidable yet intrinsic network that provide motivation for a family unit, company, firm or any organization.

61" x 41" x .2" acrylic, lacquer on canvas. Blues, greens, deep purple/indigo, white, beige, aquas. Artwork ships in a tube and is easily stretchable by a local framer onto stretcher bars or mounted for framing. This saves on shipping and overall costs to end buyer. Signed on front and signed, titled and dated on back. Certificate of Authenticity included.